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Shri Nitish Kumar

Hon'ble Chief Minister
Shri Nitish Kumar

Shri Ashok Chaudhary

Hon'ble Education Minister
Dr. Ashok Choudhary

News and Press

BSEIDC Notice Consultant for Project 31-7-14 

BSEIDC Tender Notice 15-7-14 

BSEIDC Tender Notice 10-7-14 

Estimate and Design
Orders and Circulars

Correct Tie Beam of Model School 

Ground Floor Design Sheet in Senior Secondary School Buildings in Bihar 

First Floor Design Sheet Senior Secondary School Buildings in Bihar 

Ground Floor Design Sheet in Girl School Buildings in Bihar 

First Floor Design Sheet in Girl School Buildings in Bihar 

Ground Floor Design Sheet in Model School Buildings in Bihar 

First Floor Design Sheet in Model School Buildings in Bihar 

Others Orders and Circulars

Welcome to Bihar State Educational Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited

It is a Government Company sponsored by Bihar State Government within the meaning of Section 617 of the Companies act, 1956

It is focused To create, construct, execute, carry out, improve, work, develop, administer, manage, control or maintain, in Bihar and elsewhere, all types of schools, educational Institutions, Universities, Colleges, Minority Institutions, Research bodies, Academic Institutions, Training Institutions, Allied Infrastructure related to Education & Support Services related to Education, Educational Utilities or any emergency pertaining to all departments of Government of Bihar or any other department, agency, organization or body through Human Resource Development Department or directly.


             India Govt

CORRIGENDUM No-02 of NIT No.-06/2017-18 

CORRIGENDUM No-02 of NIT No.-05/2017-18 

Appointment Notice for Consultant Structure Advt. No.- 1/2017 

Application Form 

Supply of Furniture & Equipment for 200 Newly Constructed Model School in Different Block of Bihar 

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-06/2017-18 

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-05/2017-18 

CORRIGENDUM No-06 of NIT No.-63/2016-17 

CORRIGENDUM No-05 of NIT No.-63/2016-17 

Debar List of Contractor 

CORRIGENDUM No-04 of NIT No.-63/2016-17 

Notice Jagdamba Construction USS 43 (Rescind) 

NIT No.-73/2016-17 Quotation for Supply of Office Boys Service at BSEIDC Ltd 

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-70/2016-17 

Notice B.K Enterprises USS 06 (Rescind) 

Notice B.K Enterprises USS 07 (Rescind) 

Notice Diamond Construction USS 40 (Rescind) 

Notice Diamond Construction USS 45(Rescind) 

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